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    New Error

      3913-02-08 16:36:48
      [nQSError: 12002] Socket communication error at call=recv: (Number=232) Connection reset by peer

      The above error i will receive, if i try to open rpd ONLINE from my local machine..sometimes the changes which i want to check-in wont go (or) will take lot of time (or) freezed..then i force close the RPD...
      aftersometime when i checked the log, it shows the above error and server is shutdown..this is in DEV environment..but dont know why this error is coming..and everytime i have to restart the server..

      any help on this please?
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          Kishore Rout
          Please check below steps.Hope your issue will be resolved.

          1. Edit the /etc/hosts file and make the server info the first line in the file like the following:
          # Do not remove the following line, or various programs
          # that require network functionality will fail.
 obiprod1.edu.com obiprod1
 localhost.localdomain localhost
          ::1 localhost6.localdomain6 localhost6

          2. Save the changes.
          3. Restart the mid tier services as follows:
          - cd /ora_home/opmn/bin and run
          - opmnctl stopall
          - opmnctl startall
          - opmnctl status - to verify all processes started successfully.

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            This is to do with network Firewall, make sure all the ports are open Ex: 9703,9704 this you can check using:- netstat -an

            Also check what port your coreapplication is using and make sure all those ports also open. This is how you go to there

            Goto microsoft ODBC connection for coreapplication_OHxxxxxxxx i.e. xxxxxxx is any number
            click on configure
            click Next if Clustered DSN is checked

            Click Next

            see what is the port number below saved Login EX:9703 then make sure that port is open

            Let me know if it fixes the problem.

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              Ahsan Shah
              Check to see if you can Manually test the port via TELNET:

              for example, using CMD prompt, you can use "telnet hostname 9703"..if this doesnt work then its a network or firewall issue.

              If helpful, pls mark correct or helpful
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                Hi Prabu

                Thanks for info.
                In Local machine, i can see the ODBC confiration of my server port as 9706..but while accessing URL..i use..XXXXXX.obiee.com:9704/analytics

                so do i need to change it in ODBC configuration..!!!!!
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                  Hi Ahshan

                  I tried using telnet from my local.. XXXXXXX.obiee.com 9704 in command prompt.

                  Nothing happened in CMD...and its blank....will it means its connected...??? or will it ask me to enter user-id & pwd