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    Supplier relationship with employee as supplier

      Good Day All,

      I have a case in AP,
      I have Invoice to supplier X, Employee Y paid the invoice to the X supplier (physicaly not using the system).
      how to create payment on the system to the Y employee to pay the invoice to the X supplier.

      - I tied to use third party payments, but the functionality of supplier relationship not working with employees as suppliers because it working on site level and no sites available for employees to be chosen in remit to supplier site.

      - the payment method is bank transfer and such payments been doing automatic from the system to the bank.
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          the best way to handle this scenario is by Third Party payments i.e. by creating supplier relationship and changing he Remit to Supplier name to "employee Y" at Invoice level ....
          By Default employees are not created as suppliers, if one uses Internet expenses when the expense reports are imported to payables only at that time employees are created as supplier, when that happens an supplier site is also created automatically ...
          If you are not making use of Iexpenses, then i would suggest you to manually create this employee Y as a supplier with a supplier site.... then configure relationship between Employee Y and Supplier X ... and then make a payment by overriding the Remit to Supplier name ....
          By this way, the invoice balances gets settled off......

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            Hi Ivruksha,
            First Many thanks for your reply, highly appreciated.

            I already tried to do the mentioned solution, but the issue is third party payments not valid for employee as supplier, it valid only for two entities created as suppliers.
            although, i tried this way to create a relationship between supplier X and Employee as supplier Y as mentioned in my original port, but the issue is there is no legal site for the Y employee to be set in 'remit to supplier site' field.
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              Lathika Dimantha
              Hi All,

              I too require ed the third party payment setup in the AP (R12.1.3). But in the supplier creation screen i could not find the relationship tab.

              Can anyone please update me with the this...:)

              Thanks / Lathika