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    Initial Service script in Endeca Application

      Hi All,

      Agter creating the Endeca Application, there is a step that tells , to run initial-servies.sh, what is the exact use of this is given below, but where can i see these files ?? where is the location??Can you polease tell me the exact use oif this step.

      The initialize_services script creates the Record Store instances for product data,
      dimension values, precedence rules, and schema information with the names below. The Record
      Store instances are prefixed with the application name and language code specified in the
      deployment descriptor file. In this case, the application name is Discover and the language
      code is en:
       Discover_en_schema
       Discover_en_dimvals
       Discover_en_prules
       Discover_en_data
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          Hi Bravo,

          Creation of CAS record store instances is done in C:\Endeca\ToolsAndFrameworks\3.1.0\reference\discover-data-pci\control\initialize_rs_feeds.bat which is invoked by initialize_services.bat file. This step is available when you create an Endeca Application using discover-data-pci which is mainly used for Product Catalog Integration using ATG. This step creates four empty record stores (data,dimvals,schema and precedecerules) in CAS.

          If you are using ATG 10.1.1 or above to integrate with Endeca Commerce 3.1.0 or above, there are components in ATG such as DataDocumentSumbitter etc which populate the data into these record stores and then invoke the EndecaScriptsService to trigger the scripts to perform Baseline Update. As part of the baseline update, Forge takes these CAS record stores as input and indexes the data.

          Shabarinath Kande

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