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    "Java" disappeared from Windows XP Control Panel?


      I'm not sure why, but on a couple of Windows XP machines, I've seen the "Java" entry in the Windows Control Panel "disappear". Over the past several months I've been running recent versions of Java... Version 7 Update 7, Update 9, and now Update 10.

      After lots of research, not finding very much about the topic, I've finally found that if I do Start->Run->javaws -viewer , it will actually start up the Java Control Panel. So, it's "there" on the system, and at least I've found a way to access it. But why would it disappear from the Windows Control Panel, and how can I get it back?

      Several websites suggested Start->Run->jpicpl32.cpl, but I get a "no such thing" message... even on machines where Java does show in the Windows Control Panel.

      I don't know if this is relevant, but I also noticed that while attempting to "force" it back to the Windows Control Panel, I enabled the "Place Java icon in the System Tray" option, and I don't get a Java icon down in the SysTray either.

      Thanks in advance for any help.

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          You've found a Java programming forum (so for Java programmers), this is not the place to discuss problems with your Windows installation. But now that you're here: there were a few installation issues with the recent updates that should be resolved in the upcoming update 12, perhaps you're also a "victim". You can only wait and see, or if you're adventurous you can try installing the update 12 preview.

          At least you found a work around, thanks for sharing it!
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            Thanks for that input. I have seen a number of comments as I've searched the 'net, about issues noted with Update 10 (especially in relation to Firefox) but perhaps this is yet another one. (I do have Firefox installed, and use it as my primary browser).

            Supporting your theory... I just updated another laptop to Update 10 - and "Java" disappeared from its Control Panel too!!

            I couldn't find an obvious place to post my question (I spent a while hunting around), and I wasn't sure this forum would be inappropriate, so I tried posting here. I apologize if this wasn't the right place, but thank you for your response.

            BTW... I finally found another direct way to run the Java Control Panel. The program on my machine is called "jpicpl.exe", and it's located in Program Files/Java/jre7/bin... which is apparently not in the path normally searched by the Run command.

            Thanks again...