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    WSDL not wellformed using native web services


      we successfully use native webservices to publish pl sql functions in an Oracle database

      However when the return type of a function is of a "special type" the generated wsdl is not well formed.

      More in detail:

      1- we have registered an xml schema using DBMS_XMLSCHEMA.registerSchema and setting genType to "true". pl sql types have been successfully generated.
      2- we have defined a new function which has, as return type, one among the generated types: for example Indirizzo1173_T.

      The problem is that the generated wsdl is not well formed and includes the SYS_XDBPD_x0024_ attribute which is a "system attribute".

      +<xsd:complexType name="Indirizzo1173_TType">+
      +<xsd:element name="Indirizzo1173_T">+
      +<xsd:element name="SYS_XDBPD_x0024_">+
      +*<xsd:element name="   </xsd:schema>*+

      Another user of the forum has the same problem Native webservices, object types, NULL values

      Is this a bug or is not correct to return this kind of object types in a function published with native web services?

      Thank you.
      Best regards.
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          I have the same problem.

          In addition I can not instantiate the object type generated by the "registerSchema", because the default constructor provides for the passage of all the attributes defined for the type, and therefore also the attribute SYS_XDBPD$, that should never changed manually.
          I could register the xml schemas without the "DOM Fidelity", but I need to preserve the information on the XSD namespace.
          What is the correct way to use the object type automatically generated by "regesterSchema"?