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    RAC-Copying oracle home to node2  fails

      Hi all,

      I am in process of installing Oracle 11g R2 Grid Infrastructure on 2-node vmware server. All went very well until the Grid Installation stuck on 65%. It is saying copying file on remote node ('Copying Oracle Home '/u01/app/11.2.0/grid' to remote nodes rac2'). From the logs it is difficult to figure out where the bottlenecks lies. Have anyone of you encounter similar situation before?. Please let me know if you find any pointer or clue of this problem.

      thanks in advance
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          Hi jasarathi

          This unfortunately can be caused by many reasons.

          The errors that I can imagine now are:

          1. 'Access Denied' Error While Copying Files to Remote Node. Problem about permissions of directory or disks.
          2. PRKC-1002 Error; This is because the date on the local node is higher than the date on the remote node(s).
          3. The ORACLE_HOME or GRID_HOME were owned by different users.
          4. Different configurations in your nodes (rpm, kernels, permissions etc ...)
          5. Network problems
          6. SSH User Equivalence between the nodes

          Would be really interesting to evaluate the records of the installation log and see what happened moments before the error.

          Could you put here some parts of the log?



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            Thanks for immediate reply.
            The reason why node1 not copying oracle home to node2 is,
            iptables enabled.
            i did like,

            #service iptables stop
            (found this on another message of this same forum) and now its working fine.

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              Oh really ... very nice !

              The firewall can be one problem too :)

              Thanks for the feedback!