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    Custom Authentication Provider in  12c - PrincipalValidatorImpl deprecated


      I'm writing a custom authentication provider for weblogic 12c.
      According to Oracle's documentation, when implementing AuthenticationProviderV2 -> getPrincipalValidator(), we're supposed to return a new instance of weblogic.security.provider.PrincipalValidatorImpl.
      But reading javadoc (http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E24329_01/apirefs.1211/e24391/toc.htm) - this class is deprecated and it's suggested to use use com.bea.common.security.provider.PrincipalValidatorImpl instead.

      Unfortunately, I can't find any documentation about this class, explaining for example, the arguments required by the constructor.

      Can you provide me some pointer on some javadoc or even better, an up to date documentation ?

      Thanks in advance