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    utl_file issue

      utl_file autoflush or utl_file.fflush creates a empty text/log file. The text/log file is filled only when the Oracle Scheduler job completes with all the utl_file.put_line messages.

      Oracle Scheduler job executes a PL/SQL procedure which uses the utl_file to create a log file for the job run at the OS level.

      I used both utl_file.put_line autoflush and utl_file.fflush but still the the first utl_file.put_line message is not written to the log file. The log file is created but it is empty. All the utl_file.put_line messages are written to the log file only when the Oracle Scheduler job completes.

      This is Oracle 11g R2 Exadata on Linux.

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          Without a single line of code to look at we can not help you.

          If your code block is too large to post create a scaled down version that duplicates the issue so we can try it.

          PS: 11gR2 is almost meaningless ... have you kept current with your patching? Are you at
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            It is very unlikely that you encounter anything Exadata-specific with your UTL_FILE problem - therefore I would recommend that you post that question in the Database General forum General Database Discussions , where a lot more people look into.

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