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        Tom Petrus
        Are you sure that works? It shouldn't :) Unless you made a small typo then
        should be
        It's good to know that it works like this though. I wonder what goes wrong then. Is it in the dynamic action? I'd say, try to add a few alerts to see where it fails. For example, in the javascript code of the dynamic action, put an alert before and after the search statement.
        alert("true action: before search");
        alert("true action: after search");
        You could possibly litter the other pieces with some alerts to get a notion of what is wrong, for example:
        function searchTree(pWhat){
          alert("searchTree: " + pWhat);
          alert("searchTree: search on tree has been performed");
        If you're still stuck, see if you can set up an example page on apex.oracle.com, and i'll take a look.
        • 16. Re: Help in creating a search on apex tree node
          Hi TOM,
          Thank you sir for giving ur precious time

          Take care

          i need one more help i m trying to create a webservice for google translate
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