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    oracle 10g to 11g upgrade - migration of database

      We have 3 environments - Dev, QA and Prod... For this upgrade process, we built 3 new servers - Dev, QA and Prod.... To start with, we have upgraded to 11g in Dev and QA, and also migrated the database.... Then tested all possible SQLs in Dev and QA, looks everything working and satisfied... This is all in non clustered env..

      Next to start with production - this is a clustered env and also involves HACMP cloning.... Our current status - prod server is ready with 11g and up for DB migration....

      We are new to this upgrade process and HACMP, could you please list out the additional steps / things that we should know compared to Non-clustered.... Also list out things we should do as a part of HACMP cloning...

      In addition to my previous question.....

      For QA and Dev, it is a different Database migrated.... for prod, it is the same database.....

      Your help is much appreciated... Thank you....

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          Hemant K Chitale
          HACMP won't be "cloned". It has to be configured in the new production cluster.

          How did you migrate the non-prod databases ? Clone (in 10? ) and then upgrade to 11g on the new server ? Or export from 10g from the old server and import into 11g on the new server ?
          For production, you should use the same method that has been tested in non-production environments.
          HACMP doesn't play a role in the database upgrade.

          However, you need to configure and test HACMP integration with the 11g oracle_home on the new cluster.

          Hemant K Chitale