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    how to stop validation on a button click

      Hi All!

      I have problem related to validation. I have implemented forms calendar in one of my form to insert date in a text item. next to that item i have a button which invokes the calender please note that text item property required=yes
      button properties mouse navigation=no keyboard navigation=no

      when i insert new record and focus comes to that text item i press calender button to pick a date. when-vlidate-trigger failed message is displayed which is caused by validation trigger on that item.
      I removed that trigger which worked but I can not remove this trigger as there is more code which check date intervals etc.
      I copied the same code to pre-commit and when-validate-record by doing so i was able to invoke calender but in query mode on update if validation fails then to correct that value i am again unable to invoke calender due to validation trigger on any level.

      Please get me out of this issue