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    APEX and BIP Custom report layouts


      Hoping someone can point me in the right direction.

      Relatively new to APEX, using v4.1. I have a requirement to use BI publisher to create custom report layouts, which are uploaded via APEX in the Shared components reports area.

      The users wish to be able to select which report layout they want to use on the fly, e.g. select from drop down list which I'd hope to dynamically populate without having to hard code the report layout names into it.

      From what I can find, it’s been stated that the layout names etc are stored in wwv_flow_files. However when I look here, I see all “history” of the files, even report layouts that were created and then subsequently deleted.

      Can someone please advise if it’s possible, and how, I can retrieve the details on exactly what report layouts are “active”?