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    Aggregated records in endeca

      Hi Guys

      what are Aggregated records in endeca

      give me small exaple
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          Heiko Mock

          Aggregation in Endeca allow developers to do two things:

          1) During navigation the results can be "rolled up" (synonym for Record Aggregation) based on a shared property or dimension value.
          2) When the user requests the details page by clicking the link for a specific item, an Aggregate Record query is performed to return records of that item type.

          You have a list of results. Based on shared property or dimension values, records in this list can be "rolled up". Otherwise you will have a list 12 results instead of 4 in the example below.

          Product Type = Sweater
          Results: 1) A Sweater (3 Products)
          2) B Sweater (5 Products)
          3) C Sweater (2 Products)
          4) D Sweater (2 Products)

          In a record details page, all aggregated records can be requested.
          Example: Product Details
          1) A Sweater
          Color: Blue
          Price: $9,99
          2) A Sweater
          Color: Brown
          Price $9.99
          3) A Sweater
          Color: Green
          Price: $9.99
          SalePrice: $5.99

          Best regards,