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    WSSecurity on Dynamic EndpointReference URL in BPEL

      BPEL version 1.1
      SOA Suite
      AIA 3.0

      I am trying to invoke R12 SOA gateway service using dynamic endpoint reference within my bpel code. <binding.*location*> in composite.xml is removed. I am constructing ws-security header xml inside bpel and assigning it to the invoke activity using bpelx:inputHeaderVariable. In this scenario, the invocation fails saying 'User is not authorised'. In R12 front end, I could see that user is going as null.

      But, when the location attribute of <binding> is assigned with the actual URL, then everything is working fine. Even from soap-ui, it works fine.

      Only when using dynamic endpoint reference, the ws-security is not getting set. I have tried using ws-security policies also, but getting the same exception.

      Any help please.

      - KSH.

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