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    [OBIEE11g] Agents for seeding cache

      I would like to set an agent for seeding cache for several users.
      So I set a request and an agent for this.
      In the agent configuration, Destinations tab, I uncheck everything and I check only "Oracle BI Server Cache (For seeding cache)".
      But I get errors.
      1) if I save the agent and then open it for edit, again, I can see that the "Devices" option is selected, even though I made sure it was not;
      2) the agent runs with errors, because it cannot connect to the SMTP server.
      ([nQSError: 75027] Failed to open connection to SMTP Server)

      This sounds strange to me, because:
      1) I did not set it to send any email, just to seed cache only;
      2) I have properly configured the SMTP server, anyway, and it should work; at least it does work outside OBIEE.

      I have tried many different times and configurations, to make sure I do not make any errors when configuring the agent. But it does not work as expected.

      Do you have any advice?