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    Apex home page 404 not found, listener.ora edition ?

      Salam Alaïkum
      When i try to launch the APEX start page, i get a header of the page "PROCESSUS D'ECOUTE ORACLE APPLICATION EXPRESS" , and just below it, the famous error appear "
      404 - Not Found" , the listener is verified as active..
      But when i take look on the file "listener.ora" of the database, i do not find a line that's specified for the launch of the APEX start page as i think , here's it :
      (ADDRESS = (PROTOCOL = tcp)(HOST = localhost)(PORT = 7070))(Presentation = HTTP)(Session = RAW))
      and when i try to modifiy it by editing it manually and executing this :
      lsnrctl reload listener
      lsnrctl save_config listener
      it says me that there's no modifications to do.. command successfully done
      Any idea about this.. with my thanks in advance