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    Can I have one ORACLE_BASE for GI and RDBMS home ?

      GI and RDBMS Version:
      Platform : OEL 6.3 (64 Bit)

      For role separation, I am creating grid and oracle users

      I am planning my Grid Infra home to be
      and RDBMS home to be
      During GI installation , I have to specify an ORACLE_BASE. I am thinking of specifying that to be
      Can I use this same ORACLE_BASE for RDBMS home installation as well ?
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          Sebastian Solbach -Database Community-Oracle

          if you plan for role seperation, you should specify different ORACLE_BASE for rdbms and GI installation.
          One of the reasons is that ADR will save files under ORACLE_BASE/diag with the user rights of the corresponding owner.
          If they are different, there may be access/write problems under this tree.

          Furthermore ORACLE_BASE should not be in the path of the GI installation.
          GI installation will change the path to GI_HOME to root user priviledges.
          You neither want to have ORACLE_BASE only accessible by root or have a directory higher up the pass with less priviledges than root, because this poses a security risc.

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            It's better to have separate ORACLE_BASE for GI and RDBMS installation. Also, please make sure that RDBMS shouldn't contain GI base in it's path. In one of the installation we had situation and we had lot's of permission issue.
            For example ORACLE_BASE for:
                GI Home: /u01/app/grid
                RDBMS Home: /u01/app/oracle
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