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    Listing incident log information using WLST commands

      Following this page, I tried to get all the list of incident logs using listIncidents() WLST command.
      Inspite of some existing incidents on the 'adr/diag/ofm....incident' directory, the command output nothing.
      Could someone point me out if there is any issue with the command.

      Here is the console output for WLST command run

      wls:/offline> connect('weblogic', 'weblogic1', 't3://slc02jtl.us.oracle.com:7101')
      Connecting to t3://slc02jtl.us.oracle.com:7101 with userid weblogic ...
      Successfully connected to Admin Server 'DefaultServer' that belongs to domain 'DefaultDomain'.

      Warning: An insecure protocol was used to connect to the
      server. To ensure on-the-wire security, the SSL port or
      Admin port should be used instead.

      wls:/DefaultDomain/serverConfig> listIncidents()
      Incident Id Problem Key Incident Time

      Here is the listing actual existing incidents

      [vsingava@slc02jtl incident]$ pwd
      [vsingava@slc02jtl incident]$ ls -lrt
      total 4
      drwxr----- 2 vsingava dba 4096 Jan 11 08:45 incdir_1
      [vsingava@slc02jtl incident]$