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    Backup Archived Log using RMAN

    Arun Natarajan-OC
      Hi Friends,

      I am using Oracle DB 11g R2

      My DBF Files are in Local Disk
      My Archival destination is local disk

      I am performiang Database Full backup (plus archived log all) every night using RMAN to SAN Disk

      Now i would like to schedule Archived log backup every 2 hours using RMAN (to SAN) so that i can recover the Database using previous night backup and with the recent Archived log backup in case if my local disk crashes.

      I want to take Archived Log backup using RMAN only so that it is registered in control file.

      What should i do to achieve this? (rman>backup archivelog all as a seperate script which runs every 2 Hrs will accompolish this)

      Is there anyway i can perform only the backup of changed Archived Logs since Previous night Full backup using RMAN? If so please suggest the command.