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    Request Data Validator is not working

      Hi Guys,

      I am trying to invoke a plugin while submitting a request through CATALOG in OIM 11gR2. The user case i am trying to achieve is - (1) User/Admin login to OIM and go to CATALOG option (2) Select an Application instance, fill the values in the form and checkout (3) While submitting this validator should invoke which will validate the request data and throw exception if any.

      For this i was thinking to utilize the plugin for oracle.iam.request.plugins.RequestDataValidator "This is used for custom validation of request data after submission"

      My plugin.xml looks like
      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
      <plugins pluginpoint="oracle.iam.request.plugins.RequestDataValidator">
      <plugin pluginclass="com.test.oim.TestRequestValidator" version="1.0" name="TestReqValidator">

      And i am using simple code as below
      package com.test.oim;

      import oracle.iam.request.exception.InvalidRequestDataException;
      import oracle.iam.request.plugins.RequestDataValidator;
      import oracle.iam.request.vo.RequestData;

      +public class TestRequestValidator implements RequestDataValidator {+
      +public TestRequestValidator() {+

      +public void validate (RequestData reqDta) throws InvalidRequestDataException{+
      System.out.println("***Justification***" reqDta.getJustification());+
      throw new InvalidRequestDataException(new Exception("Invalid User"));

      My plugin directory contains the plugin.xml file and the jar file (with above class) under lib directory. I placed the zip file under OIM_HOME/Plugin directory and even restarted the servers.

      However this code is not invoking and i can successfully create the request (i tried from user and admin both). Please advise if anyone has any idea. Thanks