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    How to choose a right server for Oracle Database!

      Hi all,

      Is there any formular that allows me to find the appropriate server configuration for Oracle database 11g?

      Please help!

      Thank you all.


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          Srini Chavali-Oracle
          Depends on what your needs/requirements are. Most hardware vendors provide such sizing services.

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            Simply put ... no.

            Determining the correct server is a dance between hardware vendors (one point of input to be treated with general distrust), internal expertise and experience working with similar systems, and most importantly understanding the behaviour of what you are building.

            Here are some sample questions to start the ball rolling.

            1. What operating system expertise does your organization have?
            2. What operating system expertise is readily available in the community from which you hire applicants?
            3. What type of application?
            4. What are up-time expectations?
            5. Requirements for high availability?
            6. Requirements for time to perform a full recovery?
            7. Requirements for security?
            8. Storage footprint (dictates internal storage versus SAN, NAS, or ZFS)
            9. Anticipated growth (3-7 years)

            Everyone wants to sell you CPU clock-ticks, more RAM, more IOPS, etc. But the first thing you need to understand is the capabilities you require that are generic: Required of any solution. Only when you have a clear understanding of these factors are you ready to discuss whether the solution is a pizza box or an ODA ... an Exadata or an IBM System Z.

            Far too often I find people purchasing RAM they don't need with CPU speeds that exceed the ability of their network infrastructure to move the data so pay special attention when you are ready to make your purchase to engineered systems like the ODA.
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              First choose the database version to be installed and you can get required server configuration from there
              You can choose server configuration based on requirements of the installation

              Master Note For Oracle Database Server Installation (Doc ID 1156586.1)
              Master Note For Database and Client Certification (Doc ID 1298096.1)
              Master Note of Linux OS Requirements for Database Server (Doc ID 851598.1)

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                I so strongly disagree with your advice I am having to carefully parse my words.

                Let's say, based on your advice, I decide I want which is the only reasonable solution available for installation on a new server unless supporting a legacy app.

                Ok ... you've got ... tell me what server to purchase which is what the OP has asked.

                Should I get an HP DL360?
                A laptop?
                Six Sun M9000s?
                An IBM p795?
                Two Oracle Database Appliances with DataGuard replication between them?
                Or perhaps a full rack Exadata.

                And you are going to make this decision not knowing whether my database is 1TB or 1PB? How?
                With no idea as to my security or availability needs? How?
                Without knowledge of even if it is OLTP or DSS or DW? How?

                And please tell me which is best ... Linux, AIX, or Solaris for my operating system? Again based solely upon knowing the version is

                The Oracle docs are great but have nothing to contribute to answering the OP's question until the hard work has been done.
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                  I would say:

                  "Get the biggest, hairiest, scariest server you can get through the budget process - bring the Oracle sales team in to persuade your boss to buy an Exadata X3!'

                  But that would be the geek in me.

                  It depends on your user requirements, how these are expected to increase over the lifetime of the server, how long you're expecting to maintain the server (most hardware warranties are for 3 years initially), what other projects are going to be coming down the pipeline, all sorts of stuff.

                  For management to avoid getting angry with DBAs who weren't able to accurately guess the sizing of a database server for a 3-5 year duration, they have to provide decent metrics for the DBA to use. There's no such thing as a 'one size fits all' configuration.