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    ADF Mobile : Display Springboard on Application Launch

      He guys,

      According to ADF Mobile Developer (chapter 5.4.1) guide I should be able to display the springboard on application launch by doing the following:

      +In the adfmf-application.xml uncheck "Show Navigation Bar on Application Launch"+

      Quote from devguide: +"If you clear this option, then you hide the navigation bar when the application starts, presenting the user with the springboard as the only means of navigation."+

      This doesn't seem work for me.
      Only after staring, deactivating and after that reactivate the application I see the springboard.

      I use a custom springboard.
      I use iPhone simulator to test it.

      Minor detail: I implement my feature content as amx pages directly, and not as taskflows.
      Maybe this is the cause of the behavior. Is this intended behavior not ?

      Any suggestions ? Looks like I'm missing something trivial here.



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