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    OIM users can not acess worklist application - 11G R2


      When any OIM user tries to access bpel worklist (even xelsysadm) we get the error below. Because they dont have access to the worklist app they get an error when they try to open 'Home' and 'Pending Approvals' pages from oim user page. soa and oim are in the same domain. When I check from weblogic domain the security providers I see tree providers which are in the order as follow; Any help is strongly appreciated


      What kind of configuration we may had missed? Any help is strongly appreciated...

      Error seen in the logs :

      User "xelsysadm" is not found in configuration "jazn.com"
      Check if the user exists in the repository specified by the configurations. Check the error stack and fix the cause of the error. Contact Oracle Support Services if error is not fixable.

      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.JpsProvider.lookupUser(JpsProvider.java:877)
      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.AuthorizationServiceImpl.lookupUser(AuthorizationServiceImpl.java:233)
      at oracle.tip.pc.services.identity.jps.IdentityServiceImpl.lookupUser(IdentityServiceImpl.java:169)
      at oracle.bpel.services.workflow.verification.impl.VerificationService.lookupUser(VerificationService.java:4393)