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    Job Scheduling on RAC

    Vivek B
      We are going for one migration where we are converting a single node database (9i) to a RAC setup (11g).
      Currently there are 2 types of jobs scheduled on the 9i Database through OEM:
      OS jobs
      -- Some are purely OS scripts used to ftp files
      -- Some include OS level operations as well as running sql files for loading data in database
      DB jobs
      -- PL/SQL procedures mainly

      Migration from 9i to 11g is fine, but does anyone have any idea about setting up the jobs on RAC environment.

      How jobs run in case of RAC?
      Can we use dbconsole for implementing these jobs on RAC?
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          You could convert your script and data file systems to ACFS, which is a clustered file system. Put the load data on this, then no matter which node starts the load or OS ftp stuff, the data will be accessible to all nodes.

          If you are going to use expdp (data pump) you will need to have an export directory on ACFS
          You can also use ACFS for your db_recovery_file_dest (for archivelogs and backups) (