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    Create IT Resource

      I created an IT Resource:
      configuration > Create IT Resource> fill with new IT Resource name for " IT Resource Name" , proj_prov2, >
      select the one in the available "IT Resource Type": Primavera P6 Serrver > continue to fill the rest required fields >save

      I can look up the new IT Resource PROJ_PROV2 from the Manage IT RESOURCE tap. But it does not show in Manage Resource.

      Apparently, the new IT Resource was not created.
      I try to create a new Access Policy to use the new IT Resource , but it does not appear from the resource list.

      Any idea?


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          Kevin Pinsky
          IT Resource is not the same as Resource.

          An IT Resource provides connection parameters to a target.

          A Resource (Object) is a requestable/provisioned resource that has workflows (process defintion) attached to it for provisioning and uses process form for storing the data about a user. Refer to the documentation on these items, or go through of the Oracle By Examples to get a btter understanding of the product and the various items.

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