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    Unable to start weblogic with JRockit

      i am using a 32 bit machine to start weblogic server on JRockit JVM. Doing this in order to have already installed Oracle SOA suite and when I start weblogic using JRockit it is Running out of memory. Tried the solutions given in the forum but not able to resolve this issue.

      Also when using jdk getting permgen error. Tried with resetting the maxPermSize value etc in the startweblogic server but not able to do so.

      For JRockit OOM has any one faced a similar issue?

      Can any one help me with same ?
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          Carlos Cortez

          Try increasing maxPermSize at setSOADomainEnv file in DOMAIN_HOME/bin path

          when you start Weblogic it will also use this file to accommodate the environment for SOA.

          Hope this helps you. :)

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            Thanks Carlos. The value was getting overridden in startweblogic.cmd for Sun jdk but was not sufficient for my problem as I was using Jrockit and with JRockit there is no Permsize issue inturn there was OOM.

            I followed these steps:

            1. changed maxpermsize in startweblogic.
            2. Tried increasing system swap space.
            3. Used a profiler which controls JVM running, tried reduce memory leaks, but none worked.

            I switched to JRockit for weblogic

            1. tried increasing memory etc. Finally I switched to 64 bit machine as suggested in one of the forums for JRockit oom.

            Now both jdk and JRockit weblogic with all SOA components working successfully.

            Dipti Karnataki