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    RCU creation necessary for forms/reports 11g ONLY?

    Barry Schamach
      I am attempting to configure a WebLogicServer 10.3.6 for Forms/Reports 11g deployment (on a WinServer2008R2 box). In reading the Oracle documentation, it seems to suggest that it's 100% necessary to

      1. Install a database instance on the app server, and
      2. Using the RCU, create the repository schemas on that instance

      But if I am only using Forms and Reports on WLS (no Identity Management, no Portal, just the Forms/Reports, ma'am), then is it still necessary to have the RCU schemas in place before installing WLS/FR? We managed to configure the WLS/FR stack on a developer's W7 PC without creating any repository and it worked fine.

      Keeping all your ducks in a row to install & configure the F/R 11g stack is hard enough; anything that streamlines this process is OK by me, just wondering if there might be downstream ramifications...