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    Unable to add database (11g) in Oracle Failsafe (v3.4.2)

      While trying to add Database in Oracle Failsfafe, I am receiving following errors:

      FS-10376: Node1 : Starting configuration of resource DB_SID
      FS-10378: Node1 : Preparing for configuration of resource DB_SID
      FS-10380: Node1 : Configuring virtual server information for resource DB_SID
      FS-10496: Generating the Oracle Net migration plan for DB_SID
      ** ERROR : FS-10094: Failed to retrieve Oracle Net listener (OracleOraDb11g_home1TNSListenerName) information from persistent cluster registry for group Cluster_group
      18 09:15:12 ** ERROR : FS-10784: The Oracle Database resource provider failed to configure the virtual server for resource DB_SID