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    Report Prompt creation with presentation variable

      Hi OBIEE reporting gurus,

      I am in urgent need of this answer. Kindly read my issue and give me some points.

      I need to create a report in OBIEE 11g which has a date column(column name - Contract date) which stores value in MM-DD-YYYY format. Now I want to create a prompt for Year which accepts the user input and my contract date column has a filter which is contract date <= prompted year||01||01. This prompt has to be present in a report (not a dashboard).

      My idea was to create a report level prompt using text input prompt which stores the value in a presentation variable and apply a filter on the contract date. But somehow the report is not working and I am not even prompted for asking the input year prompt when I try to run the report. Note that I have made the text input prompt required.

      Any pointers will be extremely helpful.

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          Hi User...

          I understand that. You will select an year from dashboard ( which is text filed).
          You want the report as which is less than 1st Jan of that report.

          If m wrong please correct.

          What you have done is correct.
          Create a Dashbaord Variable Prompt. with presentaion variable 'Year'.

          Now in th report, create a filter, convert this filter to Sql and add - YEAR(Contract_Date) < @{Year}

          It should work.

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