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    GoldenGate in RAC environment

      GG version
      Platform : RHEL 5.4
      DB : Oracle to Oracle (Source and Target version is

      We are going to implement GoldenGate in a Grid Infrastructure environment. Is there any special configuration changes we need to do to get GoldenGate working in a RAC environment ?

      So far, I know about TRANLOGOPTIONS DBLOGREADER setting in extract . Without this, golden gate cannot connect to ASM and it won't be able to access Online or Archive redo logs.

      Anything else you could think of , specific to RAC enviroment ?
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          Chapter 6 of the Oracle GG install guide has a section on RAC that is relevant.
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            If you installing GG in RAC Install it in ACFS. So , if the active node fails, you can start the processes from another node without making any changes to the parameter files
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              There is a lot of detail in docs as mentioned and there are several great articles on support.oracle.com (just search "goldengate rac"), but released since Oracle Open World 2012 is the Oracle Clusterware GoldenGate bundled agent.

              See "Oracle Grid Infrastructure Bundled Agents 11g Release 2 (" at:

              One thing I'd also like to highlight is that if you're going to be taking nodes offline and online on some sort of regular basis then you'll notice one of those support articles details how to do this with "classic" extract and its something that takes a bit of practice. So if you are doing this often then using "integrated extract/capture" will save you time because it's handled automatically.

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