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    Creating FileAdapter - Python/WLST


      I have a python script to create a FileAdapter which I execute through WLST.

      However, I receive the following error even though the RAR is present in the directory. Can anyone help?

      Caused by: weblogic.utils.compiler.ToolFailureException: [J2EE:160106]ERROR: The source file, '\u01\app\oracle\product\fmw\Oracle_SOA1\soa\connectors\FileAdapter.rar', could not be found.

      In terms of the code, it stops during this 'loadApplication' line.

                print '--Get plan paths--'
                planPath = get('/AppDeployments/FileAdapter/PlanPath')
                print '--done plan path 1--'
                appPath = get('/AppDeployments/FileAdapter/SourcePath')
                print '--done plan path 2--'                         
                myPlan=loadApplication(appPath, planPath)