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      This is my problem. I want to show on a table view two parameters of an mysql table. Mysql table contains 200 entries with name and number, So i want to set on table view all elements of mysql table.

      But is not showing all, if i show data with system.out.print, console show me all 200 names and id are being printing, but on table view only last parameters (number 200) is being show. I repeat, I want to fill tableview with all data of mysql so i can see the 200 names and ids.

      Can somebody helpme to acomplish this? I will be very appreciated
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          Could you show us your code?
          This would be more helpfull to answer your question!


          PS. You can also find a tutorial of tableviews on http://docs.oracle.com/javafx/2/ui_controls/table-view.htm.