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    Over Rule a Dynamic Function?

      I have a form with a DA_Name field, a Request_Date field, and a Processing_Date field. The DA_Name field is a pop up sleect list. The Processing_date field is a text field where you can input a date.

      - The Request_Date field is actually queried from another view upon selecting a specific DA_Name.
      - i.e....if you select Ben as the name, it'll return Ben's corresponding request_date.
      - This query is controlled by a dynamic action

      However, there are some names that don't have a corresponding request_date, so it just returns a NULL value to the form. I have made this field a text field as a date picker. When I select a name that returns a NULL value, I want to be able to type in, (or pick the date - date picker) the date.

      Even when a date is returned from a a name, I would like to to be able to change it if need be. Everytime I try and do so, it doesn't capture or save what I typed in. Any suggestion on how to handle this