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    JPA Criteria Query API and Primary Key Objects

      I'm trying to use the OpenJPA 2.0 Criteria Query API. I've read through the OpenJPA User's Guide, but there's one subject that I have not found mentioned anywhere. It's how to use a field in a primary key that is an object. For instance:
      public class MachinePK implements Serializable {
           private String serial;
           private String type;
      public class Machine implements Serializable {
           private MachinePK id;
           private String location;
      I've seen many examples of how to use a single field in the where clause.
      Root<Machine> machineRoot = criteriaQuery.from(Machine.class);
      Path<String> locPath = machineRoot.get(Machine_.location);
      Predicate predicate = criteriaBuilder.equal(locPath, "BLDG01");
      However, what if I want to select on the primary key? Or what if I just want to select on one of the fields in the primary key? I'm assuming I start with this:
              Path<MachinePK> path = machineRoot.get(Machine_.id);
      But I don't know where to go from here.

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          Okay, I figured out how I need to do this:
          Root<Machine> machineRoot = criteriaQuery.from(Machine.class);
          Path<MachinePK> pkPath = machineRoot.get(Machine_.id);
          Path<String> serialPath = pkPath.get(MachinePK_.serial);
          Predicate serialPredicate = criteriaBuilder.equal(serialPath, "SER01");