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    Essbase Analytics Link not getting registered with Shared Services

      Hi all,
      We were carrying out installation of EAL on Citrix Server, which is in a different domain while EPM(shared services, essbase, hfm) is being installed in a different domain.
      All the required ports to communicate to EPM servers are open.

      Installaion of EAL for oracle hyperion release went fine.

      Below is the config.log

      prats: [2012-Jan-18 14:30:04] *****     ConfigTool for EAL start******
      [2012-Jan-18 14:30:22] Database cleared
      [2012-Jan-18 14:31:13] CSS Url:jar:file:/E:/EALHOME/java/css-9_2_0.jar!/com/hyperion/css/CSSSystem.class
      [2012-Jan-18 14:31:13] Start to initiate 239 Drop 9 (April 20 2007) security
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:00] User not found
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:06] Unregisteration Failed
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] Auto configure from file: E:\EALHOME/install/llconfig.xml
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] HyperRoll conf: logFile=[E:\EALHOME/Work/dss.log] storeDir=[E:\EALHOME/Work/Store] storeSize=[10000]] jobUnits=[2]] queryUnits=[2]] maxMemorySize=[2600]] port=[5024]] essbasePort=[5025]] adminUser = [admin]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] Configure HyperRoll:
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] Configure HyperRoll: Done
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] Services configuration: user=[.\Debaratis]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:23] Configure HyperRoll service:
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:24] Configure HyperRoll service: Done
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:25] Start HyperRoll service: Done
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:25] Tomcat conf: system=[Oracle] host=[] port=[1521] dbname=[CBRDEV1] user=[DEV_EPM_EAL] dbname=[CBRFDMTSTSRV.mashreqbank.corp.network] dbname=[28080] dbname=[hyperroll_livelink931.war] llPort=[5423] llShutdownPort=[5422] maxEssAliasTables=[8] hssUser=[admin] jdbcPath=[]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:25] Configure AnalyticsLink Server:
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:27] CSS Url:jar:file:/E:/EALHOME/java/css-9_2_0.jar!/com/hyperion/css/CSSSystem.class
      [2012-Jan-18 14:33:27] Start to initiate 239 Drop 9 (April 20 2007) security
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:51] User not found
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:51] Registration Failed
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:51] check if Product already exist
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:52] Install service EssbaseAnalyticsLink
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:53] Configure AnalyticsLink Server: Done
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:53] SSL conf: EAL in use=[false] RDBMS in use=[false] HSS in use=[false]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:54] Hfm Connector conf: anonymous=[true] user=[.\Debaratis]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:54] Configure HFM connector:
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:57] Configure HFM connector: Done
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:57] HFM Patch conf: version=[11.1.1-32bit]
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:57] Configure HFM Patch:
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:57] Copy files to E:\EALHOME/hfm_bridge_services/bin
      [2012-Jan-18 14:34:57] Configure HFM Patch: Done

      Registration to shared services is getting failed.

      Thanks in Advance.