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    Development Guidelines

      Hi folks. Happy new year!

      After lots of research, I'm stuck so I came here for asking some development guidelines so I can learn it myself and maybe go forward in my ideas :-)

      I want to develop a Java RESTFul WebService to be consumed by an iOS/Android app, after input a username, password and captcha code. The idea is build an API so other apps/websites can consume my Java RESTFul WebService.

      Since I rather use official development tools, I'm using Netbeans IDE and Glassfish Web Container.

      So witch authorization system do I use, OAuth, OAuth2, SAML or another one? Witch one can be consumed by both iOS/Android apps and websites? How so? Where can I find some code examples?

      Is it possible to generate a captcha code and use it as a RESTFul WebService authentication parameter? How so? Where can I find some code examples?

      For now I guess this is it. Thanks in advance.