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    Classic to EPMA and alias


      Version is with EPMA patch 11804477.
      Intially there are no EPMA applications and no dimesnions in Shared library / application library.
      When transformed classic application to epma, dimensions are migrated as local dimensions. Then right click dimensions and selected Share Dimension option to migrate them to Shared dimension library (master view). Once the dimension is shared, Aliases of members getting lost.
      Tried to share the alias dimension before any other dimension. Still didn't work. Is there a particular sequence or is it expected. Any help greately appreciated.

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          Jusdt out of curiosity is the Alias missing in the shared library or when you view the alias property in the appview? Have you activated all associations in the appview? If you do so does this bring in the property? If I recall right sometimes the associated properties aren't available except in the appview and with the correct associations activated.