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    Basic requirements of upgrade from PS3( to PS5(


      Am planning for upgrading from PS3( to PS5(
      Would like to know about the upgrade and pre-requesties.

      I have three webcenter custom portal framework(ADF) applications deployed in Weblogic server 10.3.4
      Have configured WCM for two of these applications

      Please clear me on the following assumption i have obtained so far :
      1. Upgrade to PS5 can be done through my JDeveloper
      2. Weblogic server upgarde is required or not?
      3. Any issues faced by some one during the upgrade
      4. Timeline taken to upgrade one custom Portal framework application
      5. effect on WCM for the upgrade
      6. Planning to set up analytic, discussion forum, Chat and multilingual for the two applications managed using WCM
      7. Points about the certified search engine binded to this patch set

      Any documents or previous threads would me through.