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    Revocation information for this security certificate ... error

      Security Alert
      Revocation information for the security certificate for this site is not
      available. Do you want to proceed?

      [ Yes ] [ No ] [ View Certificate ]

      above message being received trying to uninstall JRE 6u24 on W7x64 prior to installing 7u11.
      it's intermittent (even on the same VM being reverted).
      clicking [yes] gets past it OK but I'm hitting thousands of machines with this script and don't want users flooding the helpdesk with calls.

      this issue seems to have been around for years without any resolution and the hits I get for 'revocation' are just bickering or locked.

      there's a Bug Report from 6 months ago with only 'workarounds'

      Does anyone have any answers on this - I'm torn between critical security vulnerabilities and the risk of generating many revocation messages on the fleet.

      Thanks in anticipation ...