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    MapViewer base map image is not loading on OBIEE

      Hi Experts ,

      We are facing issue in OBIEE and OBIEE The background maps are not loading. The measure is getting plotted the as per postal code but the background map is not coming up.

      The Issue is only with External maps. It is working in Google maps.

      In Mapviewer > Management > Manage Map Tile Layers we can see GOOGLE_MAP as well as our required map tile layer.
      When we select GOOGLE_MAP and click on view map / manage tiles button we can see the background map.

      But the same doesnt happen for our background map.

      Our Operating System is Windows 2008 (We have tried in Linux as well).

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          In case you have not found the reason for your problem. You mentioned that the problem is only with External maps, but also say that it works with Google maps (which is external). I'm assuming you had an internal map that was not working, right? First suggestion is to check MapViewer log for errors after you try to view the tile layer. You may have missing metadata, or broken definitions (base map or tile layer) pointing to data that do not exist.