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    OEM Plug-In UI component

      Hi all,

      I have a question on the front-end of a Plug-In (12c).

      As I understand it, after developing a plug-in with some metrics and deploying it (i.e. the 'backend' built), and it will become visible in the OEM in a 'default' UI format. If we then would want to give it a custom UI, it can be developed with Adobe Flash Builder.

      Is this correct?
      Apologies if this is an evident question, I am still ramping up on Plug-Ins!

      Many thanks,
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          Hi Ed,

          You are correct that EM will provide a simple default view and also that for complex views you should use Flash Builder.

          There is also a third option available, which is to develop a metadata-only view (written entirely in XML). This can be useful if you have a simple view that doesn't require user interaction. Take a look at the Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control Extensibility Programmer's Guide (section 8) for more information.

          Mike Kelly

          Blue Medora The leader in extending EM12c