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    profile functionality issues

      I am trying to restrict the options that are available in a list for users to
      select during checkin, but want the options to be available in the search
      profile still. as a result I have created a global rule which tells the profiles
      on checkin to hide the 4 options from view.
      This has worked successfully in the 'records' profile which is a generic profile
      created with the application. This option will not work with our generated
      profiles (still displays the options on checkin page).

      I have tried pushing a test profile to the config manager from the simple
      profiles page but this has not made any difference.

      I thought that it could be due to the simple profiles being created for use as
      both checkin and search rather than having seperate ones. eg one for checkin and
      one for search.
      This has resulted in the search profile that was copied off the original profile
      to not apply any rules for grouping, restrictions etc. where the checkin profile
      with all the same rules still groups and restricts.

      any ideas?
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          Srinath Menon-Oracle
          Hi ,

          I think using docprofile tracing section would give some pointers on root cause of this issue . Enable this with full verbose tracing option .

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            Hi Srinath,

            I have checked this already (sorry for not mentioning this) and I did notice that on searching it shows the dpaction is search, but for the check-in page it does not show any action. this is also the case for the standard records profile too which is why I thought it was not the cause though.
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              Any other ideas? I am still scratching my head for this one.

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                William Phelps
                Nick wrote:I am trying to restrict the options that are available in a list for users to
                select during checkin, but want the options to be available in the search
                profile still. as a result I have created a global rule which tells the profiles
                on checkin to hide the 4 options from view.>

                To me, this is the head scratching part of the equation. :-) Based on the limited information and use case provided, why would you want to exclude individual options on a checkin page, yet include them in a search page list? Using one of the extra options from the search-page-only option list in a search guarantees the search to return no results, since the option couldn't have been applied in the checkin phase.

                For example, the checkin list contains "a,b,c". The search page list contains "a,b,c,d,e,f". Searching for options "a","b", or "c" could return results, but searching for "d", "e", or "f" will automatically result in no results, since the user can't apply those on checkin.

                What else is going on that we're missing?
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                  Hi William,

                  Reading your comment has made me realise how strange this request seems. The reason I am wanting to restrict it this is due to a restructure within my organisation, which has seen the split of one area into three. As a result this has caused issues with our custom security model where we had an area checking in content under an option in this list, but as the area is now split, and due to the large amount of records within this option, it is not feasible for someone to manually go through and separate these into the new structure.

                  My hope was to restrict it so the existing users that had access under the old structure could have still search for records but not check in.

                  hoping this clears it up a little.

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                    William Phelps
                    Ok, so that makes a bit more sense. I'm assuming that no logic can be used to accurately reassign the trigger to the existing content (like "user x belongs to org 1, assign new trigger value 123", "user y belongs to org 2, assign new trigger value 456", etc.)

                    Are you having trouble with Configuration Manager profiles, or SimpleProfiles for like physical content? Also, based on your tags for the original post I'm assuming 10g? Please verify. ( In 11g (Configuration Manager profiles) I can achieve this setup, but SimpleProfiles seemingly will not allow the options on the search profile to be restricted, but works fine for checkin, which is likely a bug.)
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                      yes I am on 10g still (planning to upgrade this year to 11g, yest another challenge ahead :-).
                      I have created a global rule in config manager which works as expected for the stock 'records' profile, but not for the additional profiles we have created (through simple profiles). eg, the records search profile shows all options, and the records checkin does not display the options (perfect), but our finance profile does not restrict the options in the checkin.

                      I am leaning towards this being a bug too, and my understanding is that 10g is past the stage of fixes being provided with the recommendation to upgrade to 11g, or at least this has been my experience with a couple other bug raised with them.
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                        William Phelps
                        Are you using both SimpleProfiles profile rules AND Configuration Manager rules on electronic content?

                        I'd suggest that you don't use SimpleProfiles for electronic content. (You don't have a choice for Physical Content Management or any adapter based content - Simple Profiles is the only option in those cases.) I spent the better part of a year (a few years ago) working with 10g and fighting issues with SimpleProfiles - patch by patch. I came to the conclusion that only using them as the last resort is the preferred option.

                        Configuration Manager profiles for electronic content are more powerful in terms of being able to readily script for exceptions like you are requesting. The only thing where the SimpleProfiles interface benefits you is in being able to adding multiple fields in a rule at one time. My opinion is that the one convenience gained isn't worth the overall trouble of the rest of the functionality in SimpleProfiles. You've noted that you've raised other bugs which probably won't be addressed due to sunsetting. That's the cue that you're fighting an uphill battle.

                        Additionally, I wouldn't advocate the use of Configuration Manager profiles and SimpleProfiles profiles in tandem to control behavior for electronic content. There shouldn't be interaction issues (in theory), but SimpleProfiles in 10g were so flaky in performance terms that I wouldn't discount the possibility of conflicts. Also, it narrows down the places where you would have to troubleshoot.

                        Hope that helps.
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                          Thankyou William.

                          not really the answer I was hoping for but helpful non the less :-). I have been contemplating moving our profiles to config manager so this might just be the time I did.

                          Thanks again