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    Placing ocr and voting disk of 11gR2 on Hp cluster file system

      Hi Team,

      We installing oracle prod RAC 11gr2 (, with HP cluster file system on HP Unix, and we planning to use only three disks which should be used for storing 3 voting disks and 3 OCR disks, in case the below.

      shared mount should be used for storing voting and ocrs with these three, and we using two users and 2 groups for installation (grid and oracle) (dba & oinstall)




      1, which means we plan of creating two folders under these three directories to keep ocr and voting, (like ocr, and voting) so what is the permission should be used for these folders ?????








      2, do we need to specify the ocr and voting path with the file name ???? like /ocr_css1/voting/vote1 , --> vote1 is the filename here.
      like /ocr_css1/ocr/ocr1 , --> ocr1 is the filename of ocr here

      Thanks in Advance,.