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    JMS Dequeue not working after upgrade from 11gR1 to 11gR2

      Our database was migrated to a new database with new hardware running 11gR2

      enqueue appears to be working as the queue table just grows and grows

      However, my JMS async subscriber is never getting messaged.

      Is there any logical reason for this?

      in select * from all_queues my queue does show ENQUEUE and DEQUEUE enabled


      the user that makes the subscription has DEQUEUE grant priviledge

      Is there anything else that is needed for this to work?

      I have already recreated the queue and queue table and ended up in the same place with no JMS consumer being able to consume.

      when enabling trace on JMS I see

      Caused by: oracle.jms.AQjmsException: JMS-122: Internal error Corrupted message
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsError.throwEx(AQjmsError.java:334)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsUtil.getTextData(AQjmsUtil.java:718)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsTextMessage.readGenMessageContainer(AQjmsTextMessage.java:322)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsTextMessage.<init>(AQjmsTextMessage.java:172)
           at oracle.jms.AQjmsConsumer.dequeue(AQjmsConsumer.java:2481)

      What incompatibilities exist b/w 11gR1 and 11gR2 ... my client is using aqapi 11.1

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