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    EWPS - web-service messaging queue


      We have deployed EWPS webservice and tested through SOAP-UI interface. This is tested successfully.
      But the issue that we are facing is whenever we go into the iDocumaker web page ; the SOAP UI is getting error out with the following message

      "Native Library C:\docclnt\MSMQLIB.DLL already loaded in another classloader"

      Is it that we can use only the "message-queues" only for one application ? Or, we need to define a different message queue for EWPS ?

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          calittle - oracle
          Hi there, iDocumaker doesn't use EWPS web services - it interacts with Docupresentment. I suspect you have a conflict with soapUI -- you might try browsing to iDocumaker outside of soapUI.
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            Hi Andy,

            Yes, I understand that iDoc doesnt use webservices; but the EWPS webservice uses IDS via message-queues (ewps.config.xml) and iDoc does that too(global.xml).
            What I am understanding is will there be an issue if an external application tries to use my workspace through web-service with iDocumaker running at the backend?

            Appreciate your quick response.


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              calittle - oracle
              Hi Pradip,

              The message queues provide a decoupled integration between your applications (e.g. iDocumaker and EWPS) and the back-end services, brokered by Docupresentment (IDS). Even though iDocumaker runs on the backend servers, it is still treated as a client to Docupresentment much like EWPS - both use IDS client communication APIs to interact with the message queues. The idea is that many applications (think multiple users of a web application, or multiple users of a thick-client application) are able to interact with the back-end services using the queues without causing overload on the back-end servers.

              So, the short answer is that using queues is a way to provide scalable infrastructure that allows many applications to interact with the back-end services. In general, the products (iDocumaker, EWPS, IDS) are configured in such a way as to prevent users from accessing items that are in-use by other users.

              If this doesn't adequately answer your question, we'll probably need additional details.