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    Connecting P6 to Oracle problems after password change

      I have such problem: at one awful day, the P6 Optional client could not connect to Oracle Databse (on MS Windows 2003).
      I see that all Primavera 8.1 (db)users was expired.

      I have changed the password and unlocked them, but after that P6 Optional Client can not connect too.
      I tried to run dbconfigpv.cmd to change DB settings, but it does no connect to DB whith this error:
      The username or password is invalid. Please verify information.

      But I can connect whith this credential to database using sqlplus or Oracle SQL Developer!

      After running
      the error appears in console: ORA-01017 bad username or password.

      I can see that adminpv.cmd uses BREBootStrap.xml, which contains db parameters and hash of the pubuser password.
      But I don't know, how to create right BREBootStrap.xml whith right password hash.

      If there somebody who know any password changes issues in Oracle Primavera P6 working with Oracle Database?

      Please let me know.

      Thanks a lot!

      p.s. I found this article

      but my P6 optional client does not have the the "Administer private database logins" :(

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