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        All those are expected results.

        `stop` is not a command, try `lsnrctl stop` instead.

        Change directory to the ORACLE_HOME\network\admin folder, then edit the file. Or move it.
        cd \oraclexe\{path for OH}\network\admin
        notepad listener.ora
        ... #OR
        move listener.ora listener.ora.bak
        And the `start` command is not what you want either. Try `lsnrctl start` in an administrator command box, or use the Services applet to stop the listener.
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          I also had the same problem. I found this solution: in a command box I typed the command netstat-a and I saw that the port 8080 of the Oracle listener was NOT linked to 'IP, but with a different name (for example' ANAME '). Then typing in the browser NAME: 8080 actually, after the request of the user (system) and the password you reach the home page of Oracle XE.
          I believe that this is due to settings of the router, in fact typing in a command box ipconfig / all under 'Configuring Windows' is just shown as hostname 'ANAME'.
          I can not tell what has brought these settings, but at least now I can use Oracle XE;)
          Sorry for my bad English. Greetings.

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            The IP address is the loopback interface, also known as the localhost address. It could also be referred to as localhost.localdomain, but that is just the FQDN version of that name.

            It purpose is only for testing TCP/IP on that host, if a listener is configured to use host= or host=localhost no remote clients from anywhere else will be able to access that host's loopback address. The pubic IP (assigned via dhcp?) (or by your network administrator if static IPs are in use) is how all remote clients will have to "address" the database host.

            For the purposes of an out-of-the-box XE installation its probably easiest to just completely move the listener.ora file so that you get a default listener of LISTENER on port 1521, as orafad has mentioned on several posts.

            Unfortunately some networking client setup programs also insist on putting the machine <hostname> in for which only adds to the confusion. When a name is needed for a host, ANAME would be as good as any other name, as long as no other hosts on the LAN are already named ANAME. Its just a name.
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              What to do next.? currently help less?
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