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    genmissing error when executing java on database


      I have a java program that concatenate several PDFs in one. When I execute the program on my computer everything works fine. However when I upload the java code in the database I have an error that I do not understand. The line where the error is generated is :

      reader = new PdfReader((URL)rap[index][0]);

      The error is : !!!ERROR!!! generated by genmissing

      From what I have read on the Web, it seems that I have a class that is missing on the database. However I did not found the solution, the class com.lowagie.text.pdf.PdfReader is there. To load the java program I do : C:\num>loadjava -user gdem/psw@wagnertest -genmissing -verbose ConsolidationDemande.java

      Can you help me please ?

      Thanks a lot !