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    3.3EA1 - Difference behavior in Compare Models

      With DM (and also before) there are 2 ways how to open the requester Compare Models.

      1.) Synchronize Model with Data Dictionary
      2.) Synchronize Data Dictionary with Model

      The 2 views are switched according to the pressed button.
      In case 1, Model is on the right side,
      in case 2, Data Dictionary is on the right side.

      The DDL Preview buttons are working identical in both requesters.

      The Merge button is enabled in case 1 and disabled in case 2.
      The "Sync New Objects" button only exists in case 2.

      When trying to synchronize my model in case 1 with the Merge button, this was not working,
      but I could synchronize my model in case 2 with "Sync New Objects".

      What is the intended behavior of the 2 buttons "*Merge*" and "*Sync New Objects*"?
      I could not find enough info in Help about the differences.


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          David Last-Oracle
          Hi Walter,

          Both Synchronize options compare objects in your model with the current definition of those objects in the database. They both use database connection details that were recorded when the objects were originally imported.

          "Synchronize Model with Data Dictionary" should be used when you are intending to update objects in your model from the current definition of those objects in the database.
          In this case you can select which differences you wish to apply to your model, and when you select the Merge button these changes will be made to the model.

          "Synchronize Data Dictionary with Model" should be used when you intend to generate DDL to update the database objects so that they correspond to the current definition in the model.
          Again, you can select which differences are relevant, and the DDL Preview button will generate a DDL file that can be used to make these changes to the database.

          The "Sync New Objects" button is available for the "Synchronize Data Dictionary with Model" when the model contains new objects that have never been imported. Using the "Sync New Objects" button will cause these new objects to be associated with the database connection being used for the Synchronize operation, so that any subsequent Synchronize operation will treat these objects as if they had been imported use this database connection.

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            Hi David,

            thanks for this description, Sync New Objects seems to be not mentioned in Help File.
            I am using this Compare Model very frequently, it's a great improvement compared to old Designer.

            Pressing the button "Sync New Objects" keeps the window open, this is very comfortable.
            Pressing the button "Merge" automatically closes the window, this is very uncomfortable
            because there might be other differences that need to be handled
            and re-opening the window is a little bit time consuming.
            Is it intended behavior to close the window directly after every merge operation?

            There seems to be a small bug when using Options / Properties Filter.
            I am excluding the following 2 filters.

            Columns / Data Type Kind
            Foreign Keys / Delete Rule

            The first filter is saved and each time I start a new comparision, this filter is excluded as expected.
            But the second filter is not saved and need to be excluded again and again every time.

            Is this bug already known?