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    ie has encountered a problem and need to close

      db , dev 10g rel2 ,ie7,jinit,java standard edition 6"version 6 update 7",xp sp3 prof as well
      everything was ok , until i did that
      rwserver -install "myserver" autostart=true
      but now , every time i run a form , i face this message "ie has encountered......"
      i reinstalled the developer 10g , and the problem still exist

      is it has something to do with reports services ?what should i do ?


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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          This likely has nothing to do with the Reports Service. More likely this is a problem with having both Jinitiator and the Java Plugin installed. Try closing ALL open browsers and uninstall the Java Plugin and Jinitiator. Then reinstall only the jre you are using to run your Forms applications. For example if you are using Jinit (which I don't recommend) then install JInitiator only. Then retest. If it works, then you have proven there is a conflict. Since Forms is certified to use JRE 1.6.0_xx, I would recommend that you ensure you have patched your installation to and don't use Jinitiator since it has been desupported for many years.